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Past Projects:

New Buildings & Additions

Addition & Overhang for Building 9005, Fort McCoy, WI

Contract Range: $500,000 – $1,000,000

Description of Work:  

JMJ provided the labor, equipment, materials, and supervision necessary for the erection of a pre-engineered metal building addition and overhang.

The addition included pouring a concrete foundation, an insulation system, gutters and downspouts, steel doors, frames and hardware, sectional overhead doors, painting, fire suppression systems, plumbing, HVAC and electrical work in addition to exterior site improvements such as asphalt paving and landscaping. 

The project turned out very well and the end users, contracting department and JMJ teams were pleased with the outcome.   

Roofing, Siding & Exterior Renovation

Repair Range 1 Targets, Fort McCoy, WI

Contract Range: $500,000 – $1,000,000

Description of Work:  

JMJ provided Construction Management services for the complete renovation of the Range 1 shooting range at Fort McCoy, WI.

The project included supervision, demolition of existing targets, removal and reinstallation of concrete sidewalks, installation of a new retaining wall, placing new targets and various earthwork and landscaping requirements.  Throughout this project, JMJ worked closely with the engineering department at Fort McCoy and assisted in their efforts to redesign the project. 

Upon completion, the range personnel and Fort McCoy contracting team were so pleased with the end result that they have made it the basis of design for all future range renovations.

School Roof Replacement, Oakhill Correctional Institution

Contract Range: $50,000 – $250,000

Description of Work:  

The replacement of the existing asphalt shingle roof and EPDM roofing on the Oakhill Correction Institution building presented several challenges.  Given the height and pitch of the roof, JMJ brought in a special safety manager to provide safety instruction to compliment the OSHA-certified training of our on-site personnel.  In addition to complete the work as safely as possible, we were trusted with protecting and maintaining much of the original copper flashing and metal ventilation units. 

We are pleased to report that there were no injuries, accidents, incidents or even near-misses on this project and the job was completed on time and with the exemplary quality our customers have come to expect from a JMJ project.

Culvert Repairs, Fort McCoy, WI

Contract Range: $250,000 – $500,000

Description of Work:  

This design/build project required a significant amount of careful coordination to ensure a quality product and a positive experience for the client.  Working with an A/E firm, we provided a new culvert design to accommodate the needs of this facility. 

Upon completion of the design portion, we worked with our subcontractors to repair and replace various culverts throughout the base.  The project also required asphalt paving repairs, earthwork and general landscaping work on this busy military base. 

Resurface Privately Owned Vehicles Parking Lot

Contract Range: $250,000 – $500,000

Description of Work:  

JMJ has completed several asphalt paving projects, including this one located in Wisconsin Rapids. 

This particular project consisted of reconstructing the asphalt privately owned vehicles (POV) and motor vehicle storage compound (MVSC) parking lots, and providing new gravel and concrete pavement at the FMS parking area.  As the general contractor, JMJ also oversaw the construction of a new storm sewer, parking lot lighting and bioretention basins. 

Interior Renovation

Renovate FM Area, Truax Field, Madison, WI

Contract Range: $250,000 – $500,000

Description of Work: JMJ provided much needed renovations to the Financial Management and adjacent areas on the 2nd floor of Building 500 at Truax Field in Madison, WI.  

The work included demolition of many items including carpeting, ceilings, lighting, electrical, ductwork, casework and miscellaneous items.  JMJ took care to protect the occupied areas of the building and ensure the operations were not disrupted by noise, dust or general movement of the construction team.  

After demo, JMJ’s team of workers and subcontractors worked together to install new carpeting, vinyl base, acoustic ceiling and grid, steel stud and gypsum walls, and doors, frames and hardware and painting, and completed some electrical, communications, cabling and HVAC system work.  Specific are was taken when working in this area due to the highly sensitive and confidential information that is run through that office.  

After the project was completed, we received a follow up message from the facility stating, “The project overall went very well and the results are pretty awesome. You guys did a good job all the-way-around.”  

Indoor Firing Ranges, 13 Locations

Contract Range: $50,000 – $250,000

Description of Work: In 2019 JMJ completed the interior remodeling of thirteen indoor firing ranges for the State of Wisconsin. 

At each location we provided careful encapsulating and thorough testing to ensure there was no lead dust remaining to threaten the health of the building occupants.  After carefully cleaning each location and ensuring the environment was safe to continue, JMJ’s team and various subcontractors to complete demolition, cleaning, reinstallation of salvaged items, new finishes including PVC paneling, concrete floors, precast ceilings, drop ceilings, electrical and HVAC work. 

These projects were all completed on time and on budget, leaving beautiful new work spaces in their place.  The State of Wisconsin was very pleased with JMJ’s ability to tackle the intricate details and coordination required for these projects and we received raving reviews for our work.  

Interior and Exterior Renovation

McDonald's Renovations, Multiple Locations

Contract Range: $50,000 – $250,000 per location

Description of Work: Over the years, JMJ has assisted General Contractors by providing our carpentry and general labor services on five different McDonald’s restaurants in Southeast Wisconsin. 

Our team jumped on board and completed a multitude of tasks, including selective interior demolition, hang drywall and tile backer, install front counter and SAM items, doors, frames and hardware, install trellis and install of Nichiha panels on the exterior of several buildings.  These projects involve several challenges, including maintaining a safe environment for the workers and customers in the occupied restaurant and working in tight quarters with multiple other trades. 

Upon completion of each project, JMJ’s was acknowledged for the professional attitudes of the team and ability to provide quality work on time. 

Repair Sagging Floors and Vent Skirting, Fort McCoy, WI

Contract Range: $250,000 – $500,000

Description of Work: The old barracks at Fort McCoy are in the process of being renovated. 

In this contract (and one of nearly 3 times the size that we are currently working on) JMJ provided the services required to remove the old flooring, repair damaged joists and install new flooring on the second and third floors of multiple buildings.  We also installed new vent skirting and performed various other maintenance including installing new insulation, drywall repairs, painting and some plumbing and electrical work. 

Our team worked closely with the facility to coordinate work in a way that would not interfere with troop movement on base. 

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